10 Things To Do Before You Sell Your House

Dated: May 9 2018

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Home Selling Checklist:

Are you getting ready to sell your house? Then it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Selling a home, after all, entails a whole lot more than just putting a "For Sale" sign in your yard or uploading a few random photos to Zillow, especially if you’re looking to get top dollar! (And, honestly, who isn’t?)

Here's the best-kept secret about selling your home: The things that net you the highest return do NOT cost the most money, and realistically, they're FREE!

1. DE-CLUTTER - Anything and everything on top of a flat surface needs to "get GONE".  Rent a storage locker, contain it to a cupboard or hall closet, but for Pete's sake do NOT leave your crap on the kitchen table, kitchen counter, end table, floor, or corner of the room.

2a. Paint (interior) - Ahhh, fresh paint- the ultimate neutralizer. Paint is a smell-killer, color changer, and GAME-changer. Fresh paint smells, well, FRESH. 

Look, if you don't have an eye for design and color, (ahemmm Chase) DO NOT pick your own colors. Let someone like a stager or interior decorator do it, (our team has 2 on staff!!!)


I know this is an extreme example but it would also make an EXTREME impact on saleability.


Image title

2b. Paint (Exterior) - Again, a curb-appeal game changer. See below photo. That's all you need...

Image title

3. Curb Appeal! - Yes this is the "Duh" checklist item, but I don't think anyone realizes how important this is! Plant some plants, mulch some mulch, and paint the exterior! If nothing else paint the front door!!!

"If you can't make it goo make it big, if you can't make it big, paint it RED" - Paul Rand

The house from "IT" vs The "it" house in the neighborhood!
Image title

Image title

Image title

Seriously... Does this photo even need commentary?! #Thatfrontdoortho

4. Move out. I know, I know, this isn't always possible BUT if it is, do it. 1st off, Realtors (and Buyers) -in general- are impatient. They don't want to have to book an appointment 24 hours in advance so you can get your pets out, get the kids in the car, clean, bake cookies, etc. They want to see your house RIGHT NOW. If your house is vacant, then they can go and show anytime they want. 

Moving out also allows you to thoroughly clean, neutralize, deodorize, and depersonalize the entire house better than you ever could have living in it.

5.  Let there be LIGHT!!! Open all the curtains, blinds, add lamps, and replace all bulbs. A light home makes it feels larger, more open, and HAPPY!

Image title

6. Give your rooms a purpose. That spare room you’ve been using as an office / guest room /dumping ground for all your crap won’t help sell your home unless you show buyers how they can use it themselves (buyers are really starting to sound like cavemen... unimaginative, lazy, impatient...) So pick a use (office, guest room, crafts room) and clearly stage the space to showcase that purpose.

7. Tip with a budget... Renovate KITCHEN 1st, Baths 2nd, flooring 3rd. A pretty kitchen with new cabinets, counter tops, and appliances can go a long way since the kitchen is often the focal point of the house. The kitchen and baths also hit our most "primal" needs as human beings. People want a nice area to cook, eat, and well, you know... the other thing. 

If you can afford to do all three, do all three! It IS worth it.

*8abcd. Mini budget, mini renovation... 8a. Paint the pink/yellow/green bathroom tile. Make sure you use a heavy-duty cleaner, Oil-based KILLZ primer, then a high-gloss, Alkyd Enamel for the finish coat. It'll look like brand new AND it will last YEARS. (You can paint tile and tubs with this magic combo). 8b. Replace your dirty, stinky carpet with fresh new flooring. 8c. Paint your oak kitchen cabinets white, grey, or off-white. 8d. Refinish hardwood flooring (or terrazzo) so it shines like new!Image titleImage title

Image title

# 2 and # 8 were 2 and 4 parter tips so...... I'm done.

9. Hire Chase Walseth as your real estate agent!

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