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5 Easy Steps To Get The Perfect Fall Decor


5 Easy Steps To Get The Perfect Fall Decor

I have just begun sharing our fall decor at our farmhouse. This year I am not going to crazy because our house is under construction, but I did want to share some inspiration with you guys & hopefully help you decorate your homes for fall. This week I have received a lot of questions on how to decorate for fall so I thought I would share 5 quick tips today on how to get a start on your fall decor this year. I have teamed up with some other lovely bloggers to inspire you for the fall season that is upon us…

1. Start with candles.

Someone asked me the other day how to create a season centerpiece. I don’t have all the answers, but the easiest thing to start with is candles, like these ones above that I have from World Market. This may seem simple, but when you don’t know where to start what better item to start with than a candle that is a symbol of warmth and coziness. Start with candles in a centerpiece & build off of those with other cozy fall things like pumpkins & other fall foliage. Or go simple & just stick with the candles. Candles are never a bad idea.


2. Add texture.

I do this in ever season, but in fall you want to convey a feeling of warmth in your decor no matter if you are decorating with tons of color or sticking with neutrals. You can bring in texture with pillows, table linens, rugs, baskets, throws, furniture, lamps, & so much more. The more texture, the better. Pumpkins, mums, & other natural elements are also amazing items to bring in that texture to your fall decor.






My secret weapon. Just kidding. Kind of. It may seem like the most obvious thing but, I like to load up spaces with tons of pumpkins. I go crazy with pumpkins in every space whether real or fake & the space usually comes out looking like a super cozy fall space. Now of course I would prefer using all real authentic looking pumpkins, but to buy a million pumpkins every year can get really expensive so I like a good mix of real & faux. I find some awesome faux pumpkins at local boutiques or I like painting pumpkins from any craft store.


4.Bring In Nature.

Other than bringing in pumpkins another affordable way to add coziness to your fall decor is bringing in nature. I have been known to go out into my yard & cut down some branches to use as garland or a table runner. It’s free & beautiful. It doesn’t last as long as the fake stuff, but will last you a while. Dried flowers and leaves also works for this. I love dried hydrangeas, branches, & even fruit. Bring in different fruits from apples to pears to cranberries & place them in a bowl, on a tiered tray, or in a centerpiece. It adds so much texture, color, & beauty to any fall display.


5. Add Light.

Just like the first tip, light adds warmth & you can do this with candles. But in the fall & winter seasons I like to use a lot of lights as the sun is setting sooner & I want to make the rooms feel cozy & warm. Maybe this is the time to switch out the lights in your home that you have been wanting to change for something bigger or with more light. Bring in lamps to set on tables, mantels, counters, & other surfaces in your rooms to build fall vignettes around. Another way to add fall ambiance is to add a dimmer to your lights so that you can dim all your lights to add more of a warm glow to your spaces.


I hope these 5 quick tips help you & inspire you to start decorating your homes for fall!

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