5 Home Design Trends To Avoid

Dated: September 30 2016

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There is a saying “Trendy is the last stop before tacky”. This couldn't be more true for the real estate market. Some people decorate their homes in their own tastes, or in the latest trends. This could be right some some potential buyers, but could be tacky for others. Often the best choice could seem more plain, but the end goal is to sell your house. 

1. Colors that are too bold

Bad paint colors instantly turn off buyers — but it’s one of the cheapest things to fix. Multiple-colored living spaces, dated colors (think mauve and hunter green), and metallic colors as problematic for sellers. Instead, try beige, soft white, and gray hues. Most importantly keep the paint color consistent throughout the home.

2. Shiny accessories and hardware

One of the major trends now is using chrome, metallic, and shiny finishes, which can be great but at times has gotten completely out of hand. Although you’ll see kitchens with plenty of brass, copper, and polished nickel on Pinterest, it’s worth it to go with the classics — like brushed nickel — and use them sparingly. There is definitely such a thing as too much of a good thing, and subtle and understated always stands the test of time.

3. Open bathrooms

It turns out that you can take the idea of an open floor plan too far. The trend of an open master tub in the master bedroom may have been short sighted. Potential customers may not really want to shower or bathe in the middle of a bedroom.

4. Rooms converted into something different

It might have made sense to turn the spare bedroom into a space dedicated to your favorite hobby. The problem? A buyer sees this as a work out room instead of a third bedroom. In the luxury market, these conversions are especially common in smaller spaces. Dedicated gyms that are the size of a children’s room are underwhelming. Putting a treadmill and yoga mat in does not make it a gym.

5. Carpeting wall-to-wall

Some designers would argue that carpets never fully went out of style. Lush carpeting can feel like a dream underfoot and can be easier to maintain than other flooring options, however many potential buyers may see it as a downside (despite being high-quality carpet). Most people want to see hardwood floors because they are always in style, and work with almost any decor scheme.

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