6 Reasons Your House Might Not Be Selling

Dated: September 1 2016

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1. The house is priced too high

Whenever it becomes a seller’s market, such as in the Seminole and Largo Florida area, some customers can become overconfident and ask for a price that is unrealistic despite the market being good. Even if there is a high demand for homes in a particular market, that market can only bear a certain price range. A good realtor runs a comparable analysis for their customer, and if they feel that the price is too high, they won’t even bother to bring their customer by. If, for some reason, someone does bite and you get an offer, the deal may fall apart because they can either not get financing or the house does not appraise. Since most people will be financing, the house has to appraise. Pricing too high can be a costly mistake because no offers and being on the market for too long can drive the price down much lower than you expect or want.

2. The home needs some TLC

Most people shopping for a house lack the vision to see what a completed project or house will look like after rehab. This is the reason that staged houses do better because people can’t picture it as a finished product. If you want a good price, people want turn-key. Markets such as in Seminole Florida have many old houses, but have many young families wanting to move in. Most do not have the time to fix up a house, and would rather find something move in ready. Fixing up a house to the point where it is move in ready can increase your sales price dramatically as well as sell faster. If you leave the house as-is, you will more likely attract house flippers that are looking for a rock bottom price.

3. The advertising photos are lackluster 

This can be killer. Wether it be someone looking on a home search site or the realtor looking at the MLS for their clients, good pictures are needed in order to attract showings. If you don’t have any showings, you probably will not get any offers. This is common among For Sale by Owners and keeps their house on the market for way too long because people don’t even bother to give the house a look because they can’t have a clear picture of what the property might look like.

4. Your agent is MIA

This happens more often then you might think. Some agents only focus on getting your listing and then go on to the next. You need to be sure that they have a marketing plan in place, and explain the process to you. A good way to ensure this is to choose someone who is on a team. A team allows for specialization where they have a dedicated person that handles the marketing of all the listings.

5. The house smells bad

In most cases this is an easy fix that will have a huge impact. Just because you don’t smell it, doesn't mean that others won’t. A good start is to get the carpets steamed, and if you have animals, moving them temporarily. Be proactive by lighting candles or spraying a neutral spray, especially before open houses.

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