A Hidden Gem Located 35 Minutes North Of Clearwater Beach

Dated: August 4 2017

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I had an opportunity to spend the afternoon at the  Sponge Docks after showing properties in Tarpon Springs that morning. It is such a hidden gem! I wound my way through little shops and finished off my afternoon with lunch at a dockside restaurant with the most delicious Baklava! 

So take a look below for 

11 Reasons To Drop Everything And Visit The Last Great Sponging Town In Florida

by Victoria W

When you talk about unique towns in the Sunshine State, you have to mention Tarpon Springs. This town is not only the setting for a real sponging industry, it also holds the largest concentration of Greek-Americans in the United States. That means lots of historic buildings, authentic food, and fascinating culture. Read more about it below:

1. Sponge Docks
Flickr/Walter If you visit Tarpon Springs, you have to head down to the sponge docks. Here you'll find an authentic working environment you won't find anywhere else.
2. Shops and restaurants
Flickr/Walter The shops and restaurants here are largely influenced by the Greek culture and sponging industry. If you're a fan of authentic Greek food, there's nowhere better in all of Florida to sample all of your favorites.
6. Sponges
Flickr/Art They're not just for tourists. Sponges are naturally exfoliating and soft enough for all skin types.Not only are you supporting local business, every shower will feel more luxurious.
3. Spongeorama
Flickr/Walter This unique attraction details the history and culture of Tarpon Springs and its sponging industry. It might be a little outdated, but it's also deligtfully vintage and kitschy.
4. 1910 Inn
Flickr/Walter This highly rated historic inn offers visitors a unique experience that's way beyond your average hotel. As lovely as it is peaceful, this is the perfect place to relax and explore the town.
5. Fred Howard Park
Flickr/Mark D L This gorgeous park offers Gulf Coast beaches and a nice, quiet environment for folks of all ages to enjoy. You will always find something new to discover here. from nature walks to fising and kayaking.
7. Gifts
Flickr/Walter This small town is full of unique gifts and treasures for your home or friends and families, from beach decor to antiques.
9. Safford House
Flickr/Allen Forrest Tarpon Springs wasn't just a thriving sponging community, it was a playground for the wealthy during the late 1800s. Because of this, Tarpon Springs has many beautiful Victorian Era homes. The Safford House is a very special example and is now a local museum.
8. Epiphany Celebration
Flickr/Walter During this winter celebration, which has taken place for more than a century here, boys between the age of 16 and 18 dive into the bayou after the Cross. Retrieving it brings blessings from God.
10. HippieFest
Flickr/Michel Curi Get groovy at this free mid-summer event celebrating hippie culture. It's a blast from the past and lots of fun.
11. History
Flickr/Florida Sea Grant Not only is Tarpon Springs full of culture, authentic cuisine, Victorian architecture, and natural beauty, it also holds a fascinating piece of Florida history. Come visit Florida's last real sponging town and tour this living and breathing history lesson.

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