Expert Negotiating Tactics

Dated: October 4 2018

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Whether you're in sales or teaching kindergarten, you are negotiating every single day. Sometimes you negotiate $10,000 off the sale of a house, other times you negotiate with your 3 year old to eat her dinner before she gets ice cream, but the tactics are essentially the same.

1. Humanize yourself.

Which sounds more attractive: 

"The buyers offer is $250,000. Please present the offer to your seller and confirm receipt of this email." 


"My clients, James and his wife Stacy, along with their 2 little boys, loved what your sellers did with their home! They'd like your sellers to consider a $250,000 offer because they'd love their boys to go to to a great elementary school like Seminole. Give me a call or you're welcome to text me when you get a chance to present the offer to your clients! Thank you, I look forward to working with you!!! - Chase"

2. Ask the question, "How am I supposed to do that?" or some version of that same question.

This seems like a really simple, really odd question to ask, but this question is VITAL to your negotiating success. 

This question does a few things at the same time:

a. It makes your opponent step into your shoes and see the problem from your perspective making them a problem solver, not a problem creator.

b. It says, "No" without really saying "No". It tells your opponent, we have a problem, but subtly.

c. It tells you where your opponent is in terms of making concessions or pushing them to the limit without going too far.

Let's try it in an example:

Car buyer: "We'll pay $12,000 for your car (priced at $15,000) but we want you to put on a new set of tires, wash the vehicle, fill it up with gas, and give us a 1 year warranty."

Car dealer: "How am I supposed to do that?"

Car buyer: "..... well, ok, you don't have to fill it up with gas"

Car dealer: You want me to ask my manager to put $500 in tires on it, give you a $1000 warranty, AND take $3,000 off the purchase price?"

Car Buyer: "Well what's your bottom dollar?"

Car dealer: "I'll see what we can do for you, let me bring your concerns to the manager's attention"

---------------- Right there, with 2 questions along the lines of "How am I supposed to do that?" you've gotten rid of 2 objections and told the buyer "no" without actually saying "no". You've also gotten some valuable information from the buyer, that certain things are more important to him/her than others, namely, price is more important than a full tank of gas, however price is not going to be the ONLY point of negotiation. A warranty is important to the buyer and safety/security (tires and warranty) can be leveraged instead of price.

We can do a million examples of the "How am I supposed to do that" game, but take it from me, IT WORKS... Just try it next time you have the opportunity if you're still skeptical. :)

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