FSBO Beware Top 5 Reasons To Sell With An Agent

Dated: March 2 2016

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1.  Negotiations

As a FSBO, you'll need to negotiate many times throughout the sales process; with Buyers, with Buyer's Agents who represent the Buyer's best interests, with Title Companies (fees), with Home Inspectors (FHA and VA require the Seller to pay for certain inspections), with Appraisers if there is a dispute of value, and sometimes even with Attorneys.

If you are not an expert negotiator in the real estate field or if you just don't have time to negotiate with all of these folks, it may be in your best interest to hire a real estate agent who is familiar with real estate transactions, contracts, and processes involved.

2. Marketing and Exposure

While it's true that there are now more portals than ever for buyers to find your home (Zillow, namely, and the internet in general), a FSBO is still missing out on the multitude of alternative marketing methods that experienced agents use every day. Agent 2 Agent marketing is one of the largest categories that Sellers take for granted. Especially in a company the size of Keller Williams (120,000 agents worldwide) or RE/MAX (100,000 agents+), you are missing out on your property being shared and "pushed" to other agents who have buyers looking for your home. If you're not marketing your property online at all, forget about selling it at all...

3. Regulations

The paperwork involved in selling and buying a home has increased dramatically as industry disclosures (TRID) and regulations have become mandatory. This is one of the reasons that the percentage of people FSBO-ing has dropped from 19% to 9% over the last few years.

4. MORE MONEY selling with an agent

FSBOs HATE hearing it but time and time again, studies have shown that REALTORS get more money for their sellers than the sellers can for themselves. The country's average FSBO sells for $210,000 while the average Real Estate Agent's listing sells for $248,000 (2015 NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers)   for sale by owner

This infographic is from a study done in 2013 about the average price of FSBO vs Agent Sales

for sale by ownerLonger time on market = less money in your pocket and increased holding costs (payment, taxes, and insurance)

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