Farmhouse Theme Is Here To Stay

Dated: September 8 2016

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There’s nothing quite like the appeal of a rural farmhouse. This theme gives our house a – for a lack of a better term – homier, more comfortable charm, showing off a rustic touch that invites everyone to feel right at home.


In a way, this farmhouse motif is making a comeback. From basic DIY projects of a Farmhouse Bench to detailed redecorating ideas on a Simple and Fresh Living Room it’s safe to say this style is adaptable regardless of our taste and/or DIY skill level.

By now you might be wondering what makes farmhouse themes still likable up to this day. Is it the straightforward yet one-of-a-kind aesthetic features? Or, is it a timeless allure that screams a true blue American landscape?

Nowadays, integrating a bucolic countryside theme isn’t particularly taboo. As a matter of fact, even modern technology adapts this style. Pocketfruity’s online slot machine, for one, embraces the farmhouse feel on their games Rainbow Riches and Tornado: Farm Escape. Going to show this design’s adaptability in terms of the ever-changing times.

Earlier, we’ve talked about the resurgence of the farmhouse theme. With technology changing the landscape of modern living, fewer people now make farming their main source of income. Nevertheless, the design, featuring crisp lines and a gable roof, continues to carry on the image of an idyllic white house on top of a countryside hill into contemporary homes.

Another reason why farmhouse beauty is still significant today is its enchanting connection to the past. In more ways, this style goes way past the borders of nostalgia. It gives us an avenue where we can reconnect to our roots, sheltering us from a mainstream and information-loaded surrounding. Essentially, this also takes us back to a time when almost everything runs at a logical pace.

Lastly, farmhouses give the feeling of being one with the land. In contrast to suburban homes and high-rise condominiums, this homegrown style takes tradition and elevates it into a more up-to-date taste. Furthermore, since we’re mostly using natural products and materials, we build homes that have a distinct link to the past yet still highlight the innovations of the present.

All in all, the farmhouse style here to stay. It’s resilient enough to ride the waves of contemporary home designs while staying true to a classic American symbol. It somewhat acts as a timely palette cleanser and a valuable respite to a fast-paced era. Above all, a farmhouse theme reconnects us to a time when everything really feels right at home.

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