Getting Prepared To Sell Your Home

Dated: July 20 2015

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Selling a home in todays market is easy if you're ready!  Here is a list of important things that may help you with the process:

Streamline Checklist

  • Peeling or chipping paint

  • Any signs of mold or mildew

  • All windows freely open and close

  • Missing electrical fixtures, switches/outlets and switch/ outlet plates

  • Missing flooring, including missing tiles

  • Flooring that is in disrepair

  • Handrails if there are more than three steps

  • Approximate remaining life of the roof (there should be at least 2 years)

  • Water stains on walls and ceilings

  • Missing bathroom fixtures and/or cabinet doors

  • Signs of termite damage

  • Missing screens on windows

  • Missing door knobs

  • Missing kitchen fixtures and/or cabinets

  • Exposed wiring

  • Missing gutters

  • Damage to the exterior of home including, soffit, fascia and siding

  • Utilities must be turned on and checked for operation

  • Adequate caulking and weather stripping on doors and windows

  • Missing built in appliances

  • Dampness or water in basement

  • Hot water heater – make sure it has a relief valve

  • Well/septic – does the inspection report state needed repairs

  • Cracks in foundation– note, if present you will need to use a different renovation program instead of the Streamline 203(K).

When making your list of desired improvements to your home, there are some additional items you may overlook or think are too minor to add to the work. These are items that the appraiser will be looking for to make sure the property meets HUD minimum property standards, and will require to be included in the improvements. While this list may not be all inclusive,

looking for these items now may help reduce the extra time and effort to get additional bids after the appraisal has been received.

Kelly Lotze, Realtor

The Troy Walseth Team

Keller Williams Realty, Seminole



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