How You Can Buy A Property In Florida Even If You Are Not In Town

Dated: May 4 2017

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Whether you dream of living in Florida full time or using a property as a 2nd home/investment. How do you buy when you do not even live in the State?  

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We all scour Zillow to see what is available (I did too). What starts out by you just looking, turns into a stronger desire to buy and you decide to make the dream a reality. Then, what happens? Once you start looking seriously and plan your visit, the one you wanted is GONE!!! Now what?? You just missed out on the home you thought was perfect. It happened to me when we moved here in 2014 and my husband still thinks about the house that got away.

How can you buy a property in Florida when you are not even here? It is not like you can just jump on a flight whenever you want to look at properties... What do you do??

Thats where I come in. One of the many things that sets me apart from other agents out there, I WILL GO VIDEO THE PROPERTY AND EMAIL IT TO YOU! If you love it from the video, the chances are strong that someone else will love it when they walk through it and it could go under contract before you can come down to see it. Time is of the essence, especially in today's market! Many of my buyers make offers based off the video.

Once they have an accepted offer, some of my buyers fly down during the 15 day inspection period (15 days is the normal time frame for the inspection period, but it can be negotiated to a shorter time) and check it out before the inspection happens. You have the 15 days during the Inspection period to back out for any reason. You can use this time to fly down and check it out the property in person before the inspection period ends. 

I personally know the stress of buying a house in a state that you do not live in! Know that I will be you person down here, I will be there from start to finish and in some cases, after if you need!

My job is to make buying your Florida Home easy for you. Give me a call and we can discuss how to start the process!

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