Loyalty In Business

Dated: September 7 2017

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Our team pays for leads like many real estate agents. These leads are essentially people with online inquiries about the value of their home or requesting information about a property (think Zillow). It seems strange to me that there are still so many internet leads out there. If you ask yourself, "Do I know any real estate agents?" the answer is probably, "YES! I know 5 of them!", so why are people still going online, clicking buttons, and asking to be called by a complete stranger instead of calling YOUR real estate agent friend, family member, or even an acquaintance (better than a stranger!)

I had a guy call me yesterday on my listing in Clearwater. I immediately asked him if he was working with a real estate agent. He said, "Ha! I have three or four agents working for me but I found this place on my own so..."             STOP.        RED FLAGS.          SIRENS BLARING!

Seriously guy?! First of all, before I even start providing you information, you tell me that you're not loyal to anybody and you think that's funny. Real estate, and business in general for that matter, is about RELATIONSHIPS, TRUST, and HONESTY, and the first thing out of his mouth is essentially, "I just use whoever is most convenient to me." This is not a good way to start any business conversation.

If you're not happy with your agent, then make a change, but if you just bounce from person to person without making a commitment, maybe YOU are the problem.

Yes, this may sound a bit like relationship advice, and that's because it is. You need to be working with an agent who is loyal to you but you also need to be loyal to them. Your real estate agent is a trusted adviser who can negotiate and guide you through some of the largest financial decisions in your life. Don't leave that up to a stranger.  

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