Want To Be Close To The Beach For Under Three Hundred Thousand

Dated: September 27 2016

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Have you thought about living the beach life? It’s everyone’s dream to have a house on the beach, to wake up to the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore… But where to start? Take a look at some below information for some helpful information about buying your beach dream! 

Click below to check out these homes that are located in Redington Shores to St Pete Beach that can be yours for under $300K!!!!


Research your location

If you’ve not spent time in the area you’d like to purchase your house it might be wise to do so. Rent a home or stay at a hotel nearby. Get to know the way of the land and talk to the neighbors. Is the house in a convenient location?  Is easy access to the airport important? Are there hospitals and good medical facilities nearby? How close is the nearest grocery store? Can you run out for quick errands? Are there shops? Museums?  Restaurants? Movie theaters? Is it important to you to have these things?

Consider beach-front vs off-beach property.

Does your beach house have to be sitting directly on the water? Can it be a couple of blocks away from the water? Reasons to consider a home that is set away slightly from the beach are many. First and foremost is the price. You will pay top dollar for a home that has waterfront views, while a house that is set back slightly will cost less. You’re apt to get more house and more property for the money as well. Do you have young children or a growing or a large family?

Do you need extra bedrooms and extra living space as well as some room for outdoor living on your property? A beach front and intracoastal properties will appreciate faster, but it is also more likely to suffer weather-related and storm-related damages. A beach-front and intracoastal properties could also be more expensive to insure.

Work with a local Realtor

We know the ins and outs of the area both during peak and off-peak season. Will you want to use this house year round? Or will you want to rent it a part of the year? The biggest question being, when do YOU want to use it. With 11 separate beach towns between Clearwater and St Pete Beach, all will different rental restrictions, it is good to know what is the minimum length of time you can rent and and when will you get the biggest return in renting.

Bring in the experts. Utilize a Local Mortgage Company, Haveing the home inspected.

We understand that you  want to use a Lender that you have worked with before, you can, but is it really the best thing to make your homebuying expierence a smooth one? When buying this close to the water, there are things that come up that Lenders in our area deal with day in and day out, so it barely makes a ripple as you head towards closing, but for an out of state Lender, it could cause a delay in closing.

This is really a given – but especially in coastal areas, home inspection is crucial. A home inspector will look for all signs of wear and tear that come naturally from age, as well as those brought on by the sea and her storms. An inspector will be able to tell if the house has flooded and whether this happens often. Flood waters cause great damage to electrical systems, foundations, wood and mold.  Your Inspector is also doing a Wind Mitigation and 4 Point Inspection which is necessary for your Home Insurance on the property.

As an Agent who specializes in the Gulf Beaches, from Clearwater to St Pete Beach, I am here to guide you in the process! Always let me know how I can help!

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