Welcome To The Greatest Real Estate Market Youve Ever Seen

Dated: March 25 2015

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Hello future customers and friends! Welcome to the greatest real estate market you've ever seen! 

Now, by "greatest" I mean "buyer-friendly", "seller-friendly", "investor-friendly", "sustainable growth", "excitement about the future", "independent", "robust", and "ample".

How can a market be seller and buyer friendly you ask? Sellers' homes are worth more than they have been over the past 5 years and they are steadily growing and are expected to continue growing in value for the new owners and for the forseeable future! 

Out of all of these descriptors, "sustainable growth" stands out as far and above the best. We do not want to ever hear the nasty word "bubble" when talking about markets or growth of any kind and that's not what we have here. There is no outrageous jump in prices because of a severe lack of inventory or a federal banking crisis. No, what we have is the slow and gradual climbing of house prices, ahead of inflation, because we live in a coveted, growing, tourist-friendly area with 3 National sports teams, a thriving downtown, warm sandy beaches, and the strong infrastructure of Tampa proper. 

The best is yet to come folks!

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