Why You Should Always Use A REALTOR®

Dated: October 1 2018

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Why should you use a Realtor when buying or selling a home? The biggest reason is that a real estate professional understands the market , where the market is headed and how to navigate the tricky process of buying or selling a home. Think of it this way, Realtors have one main job, to guide the consumer through the process and follow through after to make sure their buyers and sellers needs have been fulfilled.  Prices and market conditions are always changing. Your Realtor is keeping up with these trends and making sure his or her sellers are getting fair market value, as fast as possible with the least amount of stress during the process. Your realtor is also going to make sure that your best interests are looked after when submitting an offer, negotiating terms, price and conditions of the offer not to mention any needed repairs the sellers may need to perform. 

Let's take a look at sellers and how they go about listing and selling their homes. Your Realtor has a pulse on the market and what buyers are looking for. Preparing the house for the market and determining the right price so that your home is "in the market" , not "on the market" is one the most important steps of the process. Without a good product, shoppers will either look elsewhere or offer less then what the house is truly worth. You have one chance to make a first impression and your Realtor will help you make that lasting first impression that will motivate potential buyers to move fast on your home. Staging, wall colors, odors, furniture placement, landscape conditions, cleanliness of the home - all of these are things your Realtor will address with you. These things matter!

Sellers get attached to their homes and emotions can come into play when moving out of a home that holds so much sentimental value. Your Realtor will help you keep your emotions in check and treat it like a business decision assuring that you do not jeopardize the sale by letting emotions get in the way. Always remember why it is you called your Realtor to begin with - because you have a goal to get the home sold and move on to new opportunities in life. Whether that be living closer to family, a new job or whatever it is that is bringing about the move.

Buyers, I know you can see homes on all of these consumer based websites like Zillow but did you know that these sites are not updated in real time like the MLS? We get calls all the time from buyers who are interested in a property that is already under contract or not even for sale to begin with. Your Realtor will assure that you have up to date property listings in your inbox at all times. Ask your Realtor to send you automatic updates on new properties that meet your criteria and you will have no need for Zillow ever again.  Contact your local Realtor and make sure you pick the right one, choosing the right agent matters. For more information on real estate in the Tampa and St Pete areas of Florida, contact Steven Weber with Keller Williams Realty at 727-262-0322

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