Why You Should Buy A Home During The Holidays

Dated: November 27 2017

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Buy a Home During the Holidays? Why it is a great idea!

1. Less competition from home buyers

Most buyers and Agents (but not the Waselth Team!)  take the month off to celebrate the holidays, attend parties, and host out-of-town guests. Some say that it is a lousy time to buy a house (Not True!) While others a busy buying gifts and celebrating, now is a great time to get that house!

2. These sellers are ready to sell!

The December seller is likely to be serious and motivated—and therefore more open to negotiation. We are already in a situation where we have ALOT less inventory, with the holiday's upon us, you may be dealing with a more flexible seller.

Most sellers have a compelling reason for putting their house on the market during the holidays, its not the typical time of year... Maybe they have their eye on a new beach home, maybe moving back up north or they want to list while the market is still good! What ever the reason, there are less buyers right now... Capitalize on it and make an offer on that great house!

3. What?? A break from Uncle Sam???!!!

 Buying now can help you save in April and beyond. Homeownership brings numerous tax perks, from deducting mortgage interest to property taxes.

If you plan on residing in Florida for more than 6 months out of the year, you can homestead your house and save on your property taxes. By closing the deal by Dec. 31 rather than waiting for the first week of the new year can make a year’s difference in whether or not you get that valuable tax savings.”

Also, many closing fees are tax-deductible if you itemize—although you should always double-check with your accountant about any tax questions.

And, not to mention, interest rates are still low!

4. Those in the real estate profession who are working are eager to help!

Since December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to movers, inspectors, agents and mortgage brokers,

In addition, motivated real estate agents will bend over backward to provide service (we do 365 days a year!) with fewer client demands and will share your desire to get it done and in the books before the new year rolls around.  Ditto on your mortgage broker, who is bound to speed your closing through (Some lenders can get you from contract to close in 20 days!!)

We are here and ready to help! Just let us know when you are ready to Buy!!

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