Here" /> Wondering Where To Park For The Johns Pass Seafood Festival

Wondering Where To Park For The Johns Pass Seafood Festival

Dated: October 21 2015

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Here is some great information that I found on the John's Pass Seafood Festival for this weekend! Check out where to park and a list of the events!

John's Pass Seafood Festival shared their photo.

28 mins ·

34th annual John's Pass Seafood Festival - WHERE TO PARK! John's Pass Seafood Festival. The most convenient parking will be located at the Madeira Beach Fundamental School at 591 Tom Stuart Causeway, Madeira Beach, FL 33708. The Maderia Beach Fundamental School PTSA - Parent Teachers Students Association will be collecting donations of $5 per car for parking and complimentary shuttle service from the school (Shuttle Service is available 9am - 12am Saturday and 9am - 7pm Sunday) is provided by Destiny Transportation is available to and from John’s Pass Village. Limited paid parking may be available within John's Pass Village, and along Gulf Blvd. ‪#‎johnspass‬

John's Pass Seafood Festival's photo.

John's Pass Seafood FestivalOctober 12 at 4:40pm ·

Presenting the 34th annual John's Pass Seafood Festival Daily Schedule - Fri. Oct. 23, Sat. Oct. 24 and Sun. Oct. 25, 2015. ‪#‎johnspass‬ ‪#‎floridaseafoodfestival‬

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